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February 10, 2015


A new Hot Deal site is Similar to Woot, Living Social and the like, this national site has a bit more of a community feel with a good selection of curated deals in Southern California.

May 13, 2014


This fun, irreverent site has a wide assortment of bargains from clothing and accessories to garden and technology.

Originally a “one deal a day” site, Woot has expanded to a lot of deals at day.

June 11, 2013


Fun, discount outlet Tanga has daily savings of 60% -90% off on items you didn’t know you needed.

From gadgets to toys, sporting goods to jewelry, you’ll find it at this website at stupidly low pricing.

January 02, 2013


I gotta hand it to my husband, Kevin… he always finds the coolest things. Whether it’s some out of the way restaurant, a hidden landmark or innovative technology. He’s on top of it.

During the last couple of months he’s been trying to get me to use a new GPS phone app, called Waze.

November 19, 2012


If you must shop the big stores on Black Friday, is the one stop you must make before you set out.

This hot little website is the one you turn to for up to the minute deals, Black Friday store and online sales information.

March 27, 2012


Like to use coupons but often forget to take them with you?
Yeah, me too. But now they have an app for absent minded shoppers like us.

Yowza is a new iphone, ipad ipod touch app that has Mobile Coupons to help you get a better deal .

March 13, 2012


1Sale a day has one sale everyday in 4 different categories: Main, Wireless, Watch, Family and Jewelry. Each deal is posted at midnight EST, and is only available for 24 hours. Savings are steep…  65%-90% off.

January 23, 2012


Everyday I get a neat little email from BradsDeals. Socked full of bargain buys, coupons and discounts, it’s an easy way to get a handle on some of the best deals offered on the web everyday.

November 21, 2011


Busy Busy Busy…. This time of year with holidays, most of us have a lot on our plates and don’t have the time to start or do any holiday shopping …unless it’s on the internet.

A one stop, discount web store worth the visiting is

October 13, 2010


If you’re one of those folks who’s about to buy a new PC or you’ve bought one without purchasing any office software, you ought to check into to

Open 3 is the leading open-source office software suit for word processing.
You can save upwards of $150 by downloading their FREE software

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