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By Suzanne O'Connor

Okay if you are a die hard bargain shopper, have I got a site for you. lists the deepest discounted prices on sale merchandise on dozens of different websites. Mostly fashion and accessories. Although I did spot several digital cameras and a few other electronics.

The savings on average 50%-95% off the original retail. 

The site organizes by steepest discounts first and some of these are so steep…. it’s stupid!

Some women’s Prada pants were $50 instead of $544. A men’s LS silk shirt by Nautica is $10 instead of $70. A stunner was a pair of Marc Jacobs Sunglasses. They say they list for $2500. No wonder no one bought them. Here they’re $120, a much more sane price.

The items at the deepest discounts had a very small size selection, often one of a kind. When you got into the 60% off range you got a bit of a better selection with more current merchandise. A Charles David Oxford pump retailed for $144 and it’s on sale at $44 in all sizes. But you have to remember these items are severely discounted for a reason.
Every item is sold off a different website, this is just a referral or affiliated website. The sites are pretty well known. Amazon, Macy’s and the like.

You can cruise the site by type of clothing and a few designer names. But the fun is starting at the deepest discounts and going from there.

Curl up with a cup of Hot Chocolate and spend a little time. You may come across the one item you’ve always wanted for a super cheap price.

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