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By Suzanne O'Connor

Did you overspend again this year? Oops -did I bring up the uncomfortable money issue? The New Year is always a great time to start a new. One of the most useful things we can do is get our financial houses in order. All of us, no matter what our financial status should re-examine our financial behaviors, spending and saving habits and long term goals. But not all of us can afford professional financial consultation.

Welcome to Three friends, who are not financial advisers got together to create a better way to gain control of their money. The result is a very useful website. For $9.95 a month they’ll helps you track your spending, create livable budgets and make financial priorities.

Learn how to save 10%-20% by becoming aware of unconscious spending habits. Set up a spending plan as a way to reach your goals. Use their software program “Cash Track” on their site to track your spending. Since no account information or personal data is listed it’s very secure. You list what you spent money on and evaluate if it was worth the expense. From cookies to car payments. Seeing all of it in front of you helps you create a realistic budget, track spending habits and make changes to meet your goals. They’ll also e-mail you when your bills are due. There are message boards where you can pal up with someone who has similar goals.

This is basic financial planning and budgeting for those of us who need a pal and a plan to get and keep us on track. If you suffer from “the more I make the more I spend” syndrome and no matter how much you try, you’ve spent all your income or more by the end of the month, this site is for you. Plus they have a 30 day try out where they’ll refund your money if the program doesn’t work for you.

A great way to start your New Year.

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