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Dude I Need A Truck

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By Suzanne O'Connor

This app is great if you need help moving something and need a truck.

Like Uber… but for trucks and a guy to help ya move an item. Currently they cover Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Oxnard, San Luis Obispo, Camarillo, Goleta, Isla Vista, and Carpinteria.

This is not really for a big move… but for what is termed a “Micro Move”. Great for finding someone w/ a truck to help you haul a piece of furniture, boxes, gym equipment, mattress or anything that will fit into a flat bed of a truck.

According to their site, “The rate is calculated by the estimated time and distance of your move, haul, or delivery. This includes 1 Dude, 1 pick up truck, and 1 load of items. You can load as many items into the truck as long as it is safe and secure and your Dude approves. If you need an extra load then just re-order the service then and there and your Dude will re-appear.”

This is easier and more cost efficient than renting your own truck or having a delivery service.

But you have to prep the item to be moved and it may mean you have to help.
“Your Dude can usually move most of your items on his own with the help of a dolly, some muscle, and a few mysterious fulcrum points. If there is an item that is heavier or needs to be carried into a tight space, a helping hand would be greatly appreciated. If you can’t manage to help, (or just prefer not to) just ask a friend or neighbor”.

As an avid thrift store, Craigs list, Flea market and floor model shopper, I have needed a service like this at least a dozen times.
Download it before you need it!

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