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By Suzanne O'Connor

There seems to be a ton of sites that offer daily deals on items we don’t really need or want. I get quite a few of these daily. But as I scrolled through Daily Grabs I noticed several items that not only I had bought somewhere else, but were here for even less.

Daily Grabs works directly with overseas companies offering their product / gadgets directly to the public at substantial discounts.

Of the products we had purchased previously elsewhere. I spotted a Blue Tooth Selfie Remote for $1 instead of $29. We paid $10. The instant bathroom safety handle we bought for $22 online. It retails at $40 and it’s here for $6.99. We use it all the time. The Pineapple peeler/ corer is a steal here at $5.99 instead of $39.99. I think we paid about $15…. And it makes prepping Pineapple so much easier. And a Fork Lift Fore Arm moving straps are here at $7.99 instead of $39.99. We paid…. $39.99. These really do work and helped us with our move some years back.

The odd thing about the site is there are no labels or descriptions unless you click through. So it will eat up some time to surf through the site.

That said, there are some extraordinary deals here. You have to create a basic account in order to buy. There is a 30 day return window. You’ll either get your money back, get another product or get a credit.

Daily Grabs has its merits. I’d sign up if I were you.

Visit Site: DailyGrabs

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