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By Suzanne O'Connor

To keep on top of consumer information I read everything I can get my hands on. The LA Times, OC Register NY Times and Daily News almost daily. I cruise dozens of websites looking for trends, recalls, fashion tid bits, business mergers, sales, web technology info and store opening info. It’s a good hour of snooping every day.

One of the best of these is Consumer World. I find the most amazing factoids and leads through this weekly e-mail updates. Did you know that this week is National Consumer protection week? Neither did I, until this morning. But I get more info than that and most of it is eye opening.

How about what the top consumer complaints were for 2004? How do you spot a “Fake” product… that’s one I’ll need to read. I learned about Phishing through Consumer World… those phony account updates e-mails. Do you know about the new trend of paying by using your finger print? Did you know airline complaints jumped 24% in 2004? Consumer World also offers a “Bargain of The Week” with a lead on finding this week Roses for $19.99. Hmm, isn’t that my territory?

These are all pieces of information that most of us can’t seek out by ourselves and effect our financial spending and stability. Through their weekly e-mails I can decide what articles I need to read on their website and what applies to my “bargain” neck of the woods.

Smart consumers, smart people stay well educated about their world. This is another easy way to do that. You’ll be able spot a scam and save a buck or two.

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