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By Suzanne O'Connor

I can’t be the only one who has difficulty putting money away in a savings account.  I have tried all sorts of tricks to help, but it is always difficult. Between taxes and never ending home maintenance I always seem to be unable to increase my savings.

Then I found loaded with strategies, tips, tools, stories and resources to help and inspire you. I have learned that the little savings really can help in the big picture.

I loved the Finding Money to Save page. Here I realized that if just saved 5 cents a day in loose change I could bank $15 a month or $180 a year. I’ve started that jar already and have accumulated $22 in a few weeks. I’m aiming for $300 by October.

We don’t buy coffee at Starbucks anymore savings us $15 a week.  I put that aside into a jar and I have already put an additional $45 back into savings.

It was thru information on this site that caused us to decided to pay off all our credit cards and to use them only for items we could pay off in 30 days, savings us $1000’s a year in interest.  Haven’t been able yet to put that money aside yet, but I am enjoying the breathing room it has created.

If you need inspiration, advice or inventive ways to help you implement a savings strategy, this site will help you set a goal and stick to it.

Remember, every little bit counts!

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