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April 02, 2014


Many of us not only have the bargain shopping bug, but are also infected with the vintage, antique flea market bug. For those afflicted, there’s a great resource in

March 17, 2014


Looking for a good, reasonably priced dentist?

Start your search at, where you can shop pre-negotiated rates it says are comparable to those offered by insurance companies, but without the premiums and red tape

February 25, 2014


There is a place is this world for low end fashion apparel. But if I’m buying lower end trendy fashions, I want to pay rock bottom prices.

That’s why I like They sell closeout items from stores like Charlotte Russe at stupid low prices…. 50%-75% off the original retail. 

January 28, 2014


Ok, if like me you don’t live in a world where you can afford a $1000 handbag, but still live in a world where you love quality and good design. Then you should keep an eye on

Like an upscale resale shop, you’ll find designer clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories at 50%-85% off the original retail.

October 07, 2013


With Winter and the Flu season around the corner it’s time to do our best to stay healthy.
So we found another Cool Website for discount vitamins and supplements…

September 24, 2013


Okay Bargain Hunters, now you can shop the TJ Maxx store online… yep it’s true.

Just launched, this website, like their regular stores have some steals and deals in better designer and brand name apparel and accessories for gals and kids

September 06, 2013


Running back and forth to my favorite health food store and Costco for Vitamins and supplements is labor intensive.  The pricing was good one month and then over the top the next month. Or worse….the product wasn’t there.

Then I found and after ordering from them for the last few months I can attest to the quality, great prices and fast shipping. sells name brand and hard to find vitamins and supplements at 10%-50% less than you’d pay at a regular health food store.

August 13, 2013


A new entertainment discount ticketing website is here…. PaveLife.

Billed as “The Premium Entertainment Market Place”, here you find local theater events at prices that range from 40%-65% off the regular price in cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Central Jersey.

July 22, 2013


This neat little website packs a big punch by helping you find the lowest price for products you have shopped for and want at a slew of reputable, well known online retailers like Gap, Pottery Barn DSW, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, REI CVS and others. They’ll track the item you’ve been wanting or liked and when it drops in price they notify you.

July 02, 2013


For those of you, like us, that like to eat out but have had to cut back because of the expense, be of good cheer.

Now thru Groupon you can reserve a spot at a high-end restaurant and receive discounts of 20%-40% on your meal.

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