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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why You Should Pounce

By Suzanne O'Connor

Great deals come and go, so pouncing is essential. Change is ongoing and continuous in business, which can have a big effect on what kind of products you can find for less.

The changes companies make to stay competitive often changes how they sell and distribute their wares. They may sell exclusively at Nordstrom’s one year and then they change their line and it show up at Target the next year. An importer may unload a ton of excess product at a series of warehouse sales and then no public sales for a long while.
The product may show up online in a Flash Sale, at some obscure outlet,  get liquidated overseas or the business may have been sold and the product has been discontinued.

The wholesale marketplace changes pretty fast. Businesses open up with big fanfare and then may close without notice. Managers and sales reps change, business models change, wholesalers change up their lines and what factories they work with, supply chains end… the list is endless and ever evolving.

That’s why you pounce on a deal when it happens. Though there are tons of great deals out there, few deals will be there very long… and the product may never come around again.

So pounce on that deal!

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