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Monday, August 20, 2012

When Convenience Trumps Savings

By Suzanne O'Connor

This week I ran the kid around town getting ready for back to school.  Outside of the basic supplies she needed, she also had to show up for school orientation, pay fees, check out books, do more back to school shopping, go to the dentist, get ready for a Summer Recital and finish up her school volunteering.

I was run ragged and was out of time to run her around to outlets for shoes.

The kid specifically wanted Vans. I knew where the few Vans outlets were, but because it’s an outlet, the deals tend to be on older, discontinued styles and odd sizes. But, most importantly, they were way out of the way for us to drive to see if they had what she wanted. I needed to know they’d have her size, a full selection and I wanted to be in and out quickly. This time, convenience trumped savings.

Going to the mall was out of the question. The Vans stores in the mall tend to be crowded and the selection picked over especially right before school is starting. We decided to head to a Vans store near something we normally drove to. So when she went for her weekly singing lesson in Alhambra, we shopped the Vans nearby. They had a good selection, nice staff, free parking in back and were not crowded. We were in and out in 20 minutes… Saved on time, gas and stress!.

Plus we got a coupon for savings on our next visit of $20 off on a $50 purchase. So we may go back. Sometimes time is more valuable and you gotta make a choice for convenience and quality of life.

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