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Monday, September 10, 2018

Tunnel Vision

By Suzanne O'Connor

When I know I want to buy something, I become a singularly focused shopper. I leave no stone unturned, doing thorough research on pricing, quality, manufacturers and availability. I literally hunt everywhere. I have saved money and made better choices this way.

This last month I’ve been on the hunt for several items.
The first item was for a new wallet.  I looked for months. Never found anything that worked. Then, just by chance, I found a brilliant Hobo wallet at Nordstroms Rack.  Good leather, useful size. Perfect!

The second item was a Classic British Teapot for my daughter. Her specific requests for style and use were taken into account.

I initially looked at antique stores, Tea Shops, British collectible shops as well as Garage and Estate Sales. But with the specifics she asked for, the internet was the most helpful in determining the price I should pay and the manufacturers I should look for.
After weeks of research, I was surprised where the best deal on what I wanted was actually found… Not at Amazon, not at Wayfair or even Ebay. But at English Tea

My last item I currently hunting for is for a new daily use, black leather handbag. The Internet though helpful hasn’t been a good source for a new handbag for me. I have specifics use attributes I‘m looking for. Not just a great bag.

I gave in and bought a Kate Spade handbag online. I returned it after handling it. I also returned a Cole Haan handbag that I bought online. Neither made it past the touch test once I had it in hand. Leather handbags should be handled before purchase.

A Marc Jacob handbags that I originally spotted at Nordstroms Rack was really good. The leather is fabulous and the bag at $200 is very well priced.  I have found it on the web at $169-$250, but upon consideration, it doesn’t have the design attributes I really need. Plus since this bag is literally everywhere, I find I’ve lost my enthusiasm about it.

But sometimes it takes a lot of patience to find that perfect item at that perfect price.

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