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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Drive… or Not to Drive

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By Suzanne O'Connor

Driving in Southern California is nothing less than a hassle.  Some areas of town suffer more than others with consistently heavier traffic making heading out to an off the beaten track bargain spot difficult.

I get it.  But if you want to save money… real money, ya gotta drive.

Tackling driving woes is part of bargain hunting in Southern California. I always ask myself when I have to drive out of the way through bad traffic, if it is worth it. Sometimes it is…. sometimes it isn’t.

I will absolutely drive through bad traffic using this criteria:
-If it is for a once in a lifetime sale on an item I have been coveting for awhile.
-If I know I will save more than $200 on an item /items that I need.
-If it is a deal on an item I really need… now.

I also will plan as best I can my driving route and time frame to correspond with the easiest driving…. Not always the shortest route. I will not drive if bad weather makes it dangerous or if the savings aren’t enough to warrant the hassle.

I also never drive without a back up plan if I could be made late from a trip. With family responsibilities, I always have a back up plan arranged with hubby or a family friend. A fully charge phone, cash/ CC and water are always with me if I am driving out of my comfort zone. Oh and of course my AAA card.

I also do some internet research for price comparison before I go too.

Keep in mind that, “Money saved is money earned”. It’s an old, but true adage.
So when I went out of my way to buy crown molding last week for $60 and saved $140. I made $140. I was gonna buy the crown molding no matter what. After gas ($7), my time costs ($25 hr x 2) I still came out $83 ahead.

Time to get out of your comfort driving zone and go check out Southern California. The deals are out there.

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