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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Worst Holiday Gifts Ever

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By Suzanne O'Connor

I am a firm believer in not procrastinating getting your Holiday Shopping done.  Waiting too long narrows your options and then you’re left with begging the gift receiver to tell you what they want. Then you feel that you have to buy it. No imagination, no effort. And often, the wrong gift.

For reasons beyond my grasp, many guys I know seem to wait till the last minute to shop.

One year, I was complaining about our sucky old vacuum while I was prepping the house for Holiday guests. Wouldn’t ya know it, I ended up getting a new sucky vacuum for Christmas. Not a good gift to give.

Another year, trying to make it easier for my husband to find me a gift at the last minute, I mentioned there were a bunch of items in my Amazon “Wish List” that I wanted. But hubby went and got the items I had left in my Amazon “Cart”…  not the “Wish List”. These included Wrights silver polish, Brillo pads and hand cream. Literally….the worst Christmas gifts ever!

So while you still can, spend a little time to find and give a thoughtful gift.  Cleaning products and devices are not good gifts. is here to help find places for quality items for less.  Use it!

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