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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Purge Begins

By Suzanne O'Connor

Spring Cleaning is usually cleaning out and re-organizing drawers and closets, deep cleaning your living space, but especially kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. It will be for us as well this year. But in addition to that aspect of Spring Cleaning, we’ve started purging some of our really good furniture, collectibles and art that we inherited or acquired.

See, we like good quality, cool stuff and have over the years bought and collected some amazing things. To the point were our offices were overloaded with trinkets, paintings and furniture that had nothing to do with our work environment.

In addition our goal this year was to get in better condition and stay in shape. Adding a Pilates Reformer and an Elliptical machine to our den of stuff was the tipping point. Priorities had to be made. We needed space.

In my office, we first removed a shabby chic 1920’s built in bookcase. Put it up as “Free on the Nextdoor platform and it was gone in 2 hours. Next was an incredibly well designed solid, distressed Computer armoire. That we gave to the Salvation Army.
These removals made room for my Pilates Reformer machine.

After watching me work out, Kevin wanted his own Elliptical. So in hubby’s office, we first moved the big flat screen to our bedroom and then gave away the glass Entertainment Console on the Nextdoor platform to one of our neighbors.

Now we were left with some valuable artwork and a couple Italian glass Mosaic coffee tables we inherited from a family member. Still needing more space in his office, we contacted Hughes Estate Sales Auctions to handle the sale of those items. They confirmed the value we thought they were worth and picked them both up for auction.

We finally have some breathing room. Still have a gorgeous brown sofa (Robert Allen) to part with. It’s just too big for my living room and is now unnecessary in the office since the Entertainment TV, gaming systems and DVD are all outta there.

The hardest part of purging, is just to get started. Parting with things you love is hard, but when you have too much stuff and that stuff isn’t adding to your life, it’s time to let it go.

Guess I’ll start cleaning the closets next month.

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