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Monday, May 08, 2017

The Gift of Time

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By Suzanne O'Connor

As a Mom of a now technically adult child, my needs as a Mom have changed.

For Mothers Day, please don’t buy me a “Best Mom” tee shirt or mug. Really. I’d only wear it around the house and the mug would gather dust.  I love chocolates, fragrance, flowers as well as a great meal, but those things are not at the top of my list.

Now that my daughter is taking solid steps into the real adult world, paying some bills, holding down a job and attending school, I don’t see as much of her.  So what I want for Mothers Day is some quality time with her.

Let’s create some memories together. Let’s go shopping, get a massage, facial or get our nails done together. How about hiking or overnight camping. What about a day cruise around the harbor or a boat trip to Catalina?  If those things are financially out of reach, let’s take a walk, talk and get a cup of Joe at a favorite coffee dive.

Not only have most Moms and Dads raised their kids, giving financial, emotional and logistical support, we also gave our most important asset, our time.

First and foremost, our time was spent on and for our kid. It’s just what Moms & Dads do. I clearly remember staying up late, helping with school projects, reading to her and then teaching her to read. We helped with homework, volunteered at school, volunteered at Girl Scouts, sat thru numerous gymnastic, acting, singing, cheer and dance classes. Went to endless Birthday parties and redundant school functions. Fought with teachers when needed and then thanking them later. We sat up with her at night when she was sick and played with her when she was well.

Moms always make time to make sure their kid was OK… no matter what.

So this Mom wants some of her kids time. Quality time spent with someone who I invested so much time in would be the best Mother’s Day present ever.

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