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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Deal Tease

By Suzanne O'Connor

As I’m sure you can imagine, I am signed up on nearly every discount / coupon /retail list there is.  It’s a barrage of never ending deals in my inbox everyday. I get 100’s of promotional emails with some deal being offered. Many are tempting, some much more than others. Many promotions are less than stellar and are just marketing gimmicks. Other promotions are jaw dropping.

I try to pass on the good deals through BargainsLA Facebook or Weekly Hot List.

Lately, I’ve been avoiding even opening them. So temping are some of these deals, that I even have trouble stopping myself from partaking.  I do, do my share of online shopping. But I try to keep a lid on it.

To combat the urge to pounce on a super sweet deal that I don’t need, I have created a list of financial priorities and have stuck right on my computer. That helps ... a lot. Seeing an important financial goal can stop you in your tracks from clicking on that “buy” button.

The other technique I use, is trying to only buying at brick & mortar stores or sales. Having to drive, park and shop takes more energy than shopping with a click of a button.

But I do succumb. I tend to give in when I feel I deserve an item. It’s really rather silly, since you can rationalize deserving everything. The “ I ate my veggies, I deserve a new bathing suit” attitude is a recipe for overspending.

The truth is if you can save money on something you’d normally purchase or need, that’s when you pounce. If an item has been on your list to buy for awhile, it’s on sale and can afford to buy, then buy.

An occasional “giving in” should be allowed just because life can be rough. But giving in all the time is unhealthy and dangerous to your bottom line.

Patience and planning your purchases ahead instead of impulsively buying will yield a great deal on something you actually want and need, as well as higher balance in your bank account.

Now if I can only follow my own advice!

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