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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Case Buying Quality

By Suzanne O'Connor

Blog. The Case Buying Quality

I believe in quality over quantity. It saves you more money in the long run, last longer so you shop less and has some value when you donate or resell the item.

But we are obsessed with Fast Cheap Fashion and disposable cheap furniture. Neither retain their value and after their short life span, they end up in the landfill.

Disposable product is wasteful and harmful to our environment. Fast fashion clothing is actually causing an environmental crisis.  The truth is no one really wants used cast offs from Forever 21 and H & M. That inexpensive clothing is of poor quality, has low to no resale value, and there’s simply too much of it.

Only 0.1 percent of all clothing collected by charities are recycled into new textile fiber. The rest ends up in the trash. According to the EPA 84% of used clothes went into the landfill.  Clothing made of natural fibers will degrade, but they produce greenhouse gases. Since synthetic fibers are made basically from plastic, they take hundreds to thousands of years to degrade.

Cheap furniture from Ikea and the like, are cheap for a reason. They wear out much faster than better-constructed furniture and since they are so poorly constructed they usually end up in the landfill as well. I have never heard of an Ikea sofa getting reupholstered. They’re just not worth reusing and end up in a landfill.

Sadly appliances are going the same direction with more plastic components than metal. Plus they’ve added mini- computer so the units have cool “bells & whistles” and are more tech savvy. When those mini computers break, it isn’t cost effective to repair, so most people buy a new appliance and that old appliance full of plastic & toxins goes into the landfill.

Few of us actually take the time to research the Content, Components and Craftsmanship of the product we buy. Those 3 C’s matter to both your bottom line and the environment.

So take another look at your parents old furniture to see what you can repurpose and use long term. Buy that 100% natural fiber, better-constructed garment. Shop your thrift and resale stores. Get to know your upholsterer on a first name basis.  Buy or repair an appliance made before 2005 and always ask yourself where something will go when you’re done with it. 

Buy less, higher quality product. Avoid fun cheaply made product. You’ll have more, for less and help save future generations from drowning in our waste

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