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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Best Vacuum Ever

By Suzanne O'Connor

So my family considers me a clean freak. Personally, I think they use the term to get out of doing their fair share of household cleaning. This term came into use when back in 2000 we lived in an apartment with deep, cream long pile shag carpeting.  What a nightmare!

I had a carpet cleaning company come every few months. They made all sorts of suggestions including racking the carpet. The previous tenants bobby pins, loose change, earrings, stick pins and buttons were still stuck in that carpet.  I bought and broke 3 different vacuums on this carpet within one year…. really!  I couldn’t get the carpet clean with any vacuum I tried.

Finally, my Mother in Law bought me a 1960’s Kirby Vacuum.  Solid metal, retro design, it weighed a ton and was a lot of work to push around on that carpet…. But it did the job. It sucked up everything out of that nightmare shag carpeting including quarters and pins from the previous tenants.

We have hard wood floors now with only 2 area rugs. I still have to vacuum them every month with my old Kirby. But I hate it and avoid doing it, often nagging the hubby to vacuum it for me.

In his wisdom, hubby wanted to get a new Kirby.  But with new prices hovering around $3000 on a Kirby, I wasn’t keen on spending so much, for something, we technically, already own. Plus, we wouldn’t buy new through their sales reps. I hate having “sale people” come to my home.

But since they are built so well and last forever, we decided to go with a newer, used Kirby. Hubby scrolled thru Ebay, hunted on Craigslist finding pricing ranging from $175-$400 for their newer 2012 Sentria II System. I didn’t want to even spend that. So the hunt continued.

Hubby finally found one at an Estate Sale for $25…. Yep, just $25. He tested it out vacuuming a bedroom at the Estate sale. Geeze, that had to be weird. It worked beautifully and looked to be in mint condition. But we still had it serviced for $49.

It has all the bells, whistles, extra parts, hoses… the works!  It’s lighter, really cleans beautifully, better than the older Kirby and with it’s “drive” feature it also pulls itself across the carpet, saving my arms.  I like it so much I now vacuum twice a month.

Honestly, Kirby is the best vacuum I have ever used.  I even use it on my hard wood floors on occasion. Made in America, it cleans better than Dyson. Though the Dyson is lighter, more maneuverable and doesn’t have a bag. Plus the Dyson I tried didn’t pick up all the embedded pet hair out of my wool rugs and Kirby did.

So there you have it. Kirby is a great vacuum. Save money and buy your Kirby used. We did and we’re super happy with it. Now our vintage 1960’s Kirby needs to find a new home. Anyone…. Anyone?

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