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Thursday, May 03, 2018

The Best Laid Plans

By Suzanne O'Connor

My plans were all set for last weekend. Hit several of my favorite DTLA Sample Sales Friday afternoon. Then on Saturday, take a couple of friends to the Off Price DLM Warehouse Sale and enjoy a girls lunch out. Fun and shopping deals were on the agenda!

Nothing could get in the way of my plans.

Early Friday morning I noticed my black wrought iron gate that runs across my driveway had rust damage on not one but two support posts. Wrought iron gates are expensive, so I knew protecting the metal before this weeks rain was important.

I called our handy man guy. He was already booked on a project. But he said just to plop on some Rust-Oleum paint until he could take a look at it in a couple of weeks.

I cleared away the grass, dug down ½ inch around the posts and piled on a ton of black paint to seal up the rust.  While I was doing that I got a really good look at the gate….  It was in sorry shape, spotted with rust. How had I not noticed it before? The whole thing needed paint. The whole thing!

How long can it be to paint a Fence & Gate? I’m thinking 3- 4 hours at worst. So I get busy and pull out the spray paint. Oops, no can do. The gate & fence was too close to the house and cars. Plus it was windy. Ok, fine. I pull out the paint brushes and get busy.

Did I mention the gate has lots of lovely wrought iron scrolls on it?  Those beautiful scrolls take a lot of time to paint with a brush. Lots of crouching and twisting to get them fully covered.

By now I realize I’m gonna have to blow off the Hale Bob sale and The Goldhawk sale. Drat!

It took the entire day, a full 8 hours in the sun to get it done.

By 7pm, I’m sunburned, super tired and my right hand is completely useless from repetitive painting.  I’m sore from head to toe. I don’t even remember eating before I dove into bed.

But I still have Saturday to shop with friends…. right?

Wrong. Saturday I was in recovery mode. I had to get a massage, chiropractic adjustment and then soak in a hot tub to recover from my DIY project. Who knew it could be so exhausting and painful painting a gate? I obviously didn’t. My pals were sympathetic, but went to Off Price DLM without me.

I still need to have my handyman look at the posts and do something to help strengthen them. But the gate is now protected from wet weather. Plus I think I did a good job doing it myself… at least that’s what my neighbors said.

Did I mention hubby & I were scheduled to move furniture the next day?  That’s another story. Good thing I have Epsom Salt in the house.

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