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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Surprising Deals

By Suzanne O'Connor

Yee Gads!  Our 8-year-old counter top microwave bit the dust. So spoiled is my family, that we had to immediately go find another one.  We really only use it for reheating. But that convenience is too important.

I was not going to be rushed into this purchase. I had to find one at a good price. So I immediately made some calls trying to avoid driving. At my fave, Appliance Outlet they only had built in microwaves. But Hubby convinced me we should drive out to The Outlet by ELS.  Really? Yep, they had ‘em but they were too big for our limited countertop space. Drat.

Having driven all the way out there, I wasn’t leaving before I had a good look around.

Good thing I did. So many great deals here. I found Osmotics Skin Lifting serum at $38 instead of $85 at Nordstrom’s. They only had 3. Never see this great product on sale, even on Amazon. Then there was this shelf full of 100% silk, lined 50” x 120” curtain panels in 3 different shades at just $10 each. Heck, you can’t buy the fabric downtown at wholesale for that price. Most were pleated at the top, which I couldn’t use. But then after I knocked one on to the floor, I noticed one that was a rod pocket. Wait… what???

To clarify…. Our Mediterranean home’s large, arched front window has custom made, off white silk lined, rod pocket curtains. These have taken a beating in the sunlight these last 6 years. One silk panel has started to tear & unravel on the edges. Even though I know where to buy fabric at a deal (DTLA), and who should make them for less (FR Industries), I still didn’t want to spend another $300 on a new set at the moment. After all, we still need a Microwave.

But at $10 a panel, I could replace my curtain panels for just $20. A HUGE savings!

I started feverishly going thru every panel in the display to find a second off white rod pocket. I must have looked a little crazy cause hubby rushed over to help and didn’t even question why I was tearing through all the curtain panels. Even if these new panels only lasted a couple of years, at this stupid low price, I couldn’t lose. Yay… a second one was there amongst the mess I had created. After putting the display back, with my stellar deals in hand, I gave no further thought to our Microwave situation and headed to the check out with my prizes. Hubby knows not to object when I really find an outstanding bargain.

It pays to pop into The Outlet by ELS every so often. During this visit, we really scored, even though we didn’t find what we initially came for.

So the hunt for a Counter Top Microwave continues. I’ve narrowed it down to several models. With so many cool outlets still left to check, I’m sure I’ll find the perfect one at a great price. Until then, we are reheating our coffee the ancient way, on the burner.

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