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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Starting Fresh in the New Year

By Suzanne O'Connor

Like many of you, our holidays tend to be busy with friends and family popping in, entertaining and general frivolity.

But Christmas is right on the heels of the busiest 3 months of the year. November and December right up till the 22nd is packed with extra long, stressful work hours. We are forced to put off lots of daily office chores, errands, household chores or anything else that can be postponed. Our desks and offices are a mess and we are exhausted.

The days after Christmas are always days of rest. Sleeping in, watching TV, going to the movies, reading, meeting friends for lunch or dinner, hiking… just cooling out, recharging after our efforts.

Then as the New Year hits, we have to start tackling the jobs we postponed.

First our offices! OMG… this job is so huge. Cleaning out computer and e-mail files takes a few days. 2800 + remaining emails still have to be cleared off and contacts updated. Analyzing traffic trends on the site and Social media platforms. Clearing off our desks takes another day. Organizing files and the actual deep cleaning of the office take a full weekend. Through all of this we’re writing and start researching again.

We generally postpone most doctor visits till after the first of the year. Annual exams, eye exams are scheduled and small procedures needed are scheduled in January. Our pets also get their shots and exams in January.

Our home is a bit out of sorts. Still up are most of the Holiday decorations including our 8 ft tree. The stove and Fireplace still need to be cleaned.  Somehow, closets,  our garage and offices that have been left to get cluttered get put back together. Just by doing a little bit everyday, it all gets done.

By the end of January we’re cleaning out closets, sending clothes in for dry cleaning. Shoes, boots and belts get repaired this time of year also.

Though it’s a lot of additional work, getting a fresh start ever year helps us stay organized, focused and healthy. Just a little bit everyday gets it done. So get started.

Happy New Year… Make it a great one!

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