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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shopping in Downtown LA

By Suzanne O'Connor

My girl friend, Kim asked me to take her shopping in Downtown LA.  Since she loves Splendid and Ella Moss and had missed their Warehouse Sale,  I took her to the Ella Moss Splendid Outlet.

Upon arrival she went to work sifting thru the racks while I talked to the manager. She tried on several items, went on and on how fabulous these lines were and then purchased a couple items all while I watched. After checking out, she also wanted to go to the American Apparel Factory Store that was on the same parking lot.  I had no wish to go, I actually hate the place. I told her the prices there were cheap, but so was the quality and for me, it was a waste of time

So I stayed at Ella Moss/ Splendid and ended up trying on a few items. As I was finishing up, she came back empty handed from American Apparel. I listened barely disguising a smile on my face as she went on a diatribe about hating the store and at how low the quality was.

I ended up with a couple of tops from Splendid and she got a super cute Ella Moss dress and a bathing suit. We saved 60%.

Afterward, she was showing me her loot and remarked on how well constructed the items were in comparison to American Apparel. I told her each piece should last her a couple of years. Oh….And I might want to borrow the dress soon.

American Apparel has been successful at marketing to teens and college kids… and that’s their market. Cause once you get a bit older and have tried a higher quality garment, you rarely go back.

We then headed over to FIDM Scholarship store at Grand and 9th.  Prices here are downright stupid they are so low… 75%-95% off. But there are a lot of samples, damages, and castoffs in the midst. Here you have to work a bit to find a steal.

I did see a full rack of Bebe items at 80% below retail and there were several racks of Rhapsody samples priced at $5-$15. I picked up a vintage looking bracelet for $6 and my girlfriend picked up a cute Rhapsody dress ($14) as well as the same bracelet.

It was fun having her with me while shopping in Downtown L.A. We finished the day by heading over to Phillips for a late lunch. Perfect!

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