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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

September Shopping Musings

By Suzanne O'Connor

Back in the day, September shopping was all about Back to School. Now with the School year starting so early, it’s time to look into other shopping bargain jaunts.

September & October are brilliant months for New Car sales. The new models are coming out and dealers have to get rid of last years stock. Shop around the last 3 days of the month for the best deals.

If you don’t want to go into debt for Christmas, now is the time to start purchasing your Holiday Gifts.  Pick up a few every month, or if you have a large list to shop for a few a week.
There will be enough Warehouse and Sample Sales to shop. Plus those great stand buy discount outlets like The Outlet by ELS are great places to start your hunt.

Jewelry sales tend to slump in September, so it’s a great month for Jewerly bargains! The prime gift-giving months of the year are February (Valentine’s Day), May (Mother’s Day), June (graduations, weddings and Father’s Day) and October, November and December (Christmas), when jewelers know you’re eager to buy, making them less eager to negotiate. September is one of the six non-gift-giving months, when shoppers often see the lowest prices and are in the best position to negotiate with jewelers.

Labor Day Weekend is good shopping for Sales at Mattress Stores/ Department Stores and Furniture Stores. If you can, hold out for discounts of 30% or more.

Most people now shop for school supplies in August, but if you can wait until September, you’re more likely to see good sales, particularly on things that didn’t sell as well as retailers expected. That sometimes includes clothes as well as notebooks and pens.

I personally start shopping for Holiday Entertaining deals on serve ware, plates, cooking and linens. Setting a nice table and entertaining is my thing… that is, when I can come up for air during the Sample Sale /Warehouse Sale Season.

Lastly September is when I hope to get the last of my big interior home maintenance done. Curtains, furniture & floors get cleaned & polished. Windows washed, ovens /stove cleaned.  Always searching for great service deals for these jobs.

But sometimes September is the breather month, in-between Summer & Fall, when you can slow down for just a second, before the onslaught of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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