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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seek and Ye Will Find

By Suzanne O'Connor

I do a lot of online research and read a lot of newspaper and magazine articles. I am always perplexed by national articles on bargain shopping. They seem so limited in scope.

I find a lot of blogs and print coverage tend to think “bargains” are only found in thrift stores, garage and yard sales. Yes, I am a big fan of those and you can find hubby and I canvassing our area for garage and yard sales almost every weekend. We do it for the sport ….and the surprise deal.

These articles also talk about the many outlet malls nationwide. Okay, that’s a no brainer.  Rarely do they talk about the local “indie” manufacturer, the local designer, the local factory or craftsman who sells directly to the public.

The internet has made it possible for mom and pop manufacturers, craftsman and upstart designers to get a world wide presence with out locating to major import/ export city. But beyond that, big manufacturers do not have to be located in or even that near to a major hub …and so some are not.

Now, almost every city or town has some company that makes or designs some type of product located there. They may or may not have a public outlet or sale. But all anyone has to do is a web search to see what’s local to your area and then contact them to see if they do have an outlet or sell to the public. You’d be surprised how many do.

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