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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Saving Money on a Home Pilates Reformer

By Suzanne O'Connor

Hubby and I hike the local mountains. But last Summer I ran into some physical issues that despite my activity, were getting worse. Several old dance injuries had come back to haunt me. Muscles that had been injured decades ago were now, suddenly weak causing imbalance and stride problems.

I started seeing a Physical Therapist who took me through a variety of strength and balance exercises to assess where the issue was and how to address it.  She designed specific weight, Pilates, balance and core strengthen exercises for me to do. I worked with her 3 times a week for 12 weeks.  Slowly my strength started coming back, my balance was better. Thankfully my Insurance paid for this.

I then started working with a private Pilates instructor who took my recovery a step further.  He brought me back closer to the strength and alignment I had known as a dancer.  But private Pilates classes are expensive ($75-$125 each) and I had to come up with a way to stay strong without going broke.
I looked into group Pilates classes which were 1/4-1/3 the cost of a private. I looked into Gym memberships and group cardio classes. All had value.  I needed both Pilates and other forms of exercise to stay strong. So to start, I decided to buy myself a Pilates Reformer.

Professional Pilates equipment runs into the thousands and takes up a lot of space. I had neither. So I started researching home gyms and found Aero Pilates. Brand new, these ran $600-$1100. I looked into used on Craigslist and Ebay, shopped Amazon and the Aero Pilates site all while researching what specific elements I needed in a Pilates machine.

I found a seller on Ebay that handled Customer Returned Aero Pilates reformers and started watching their auctions. After several weeks, I bought a 5-cord Reformer for $260 instead of $799, with an extra pull up bar and rebounder…. SWEET! Then I found a stand for $110 instead of $130. Total payout was $390. It will pay for itself after 7-8 uses.  The Aero PIlates Reformer was easy to set up in my office, so I can work out in between posting sales, researching and writing articles.

Taking the time to find out what was wrong with me and how to address it was paramount in choosing how to exercise. Doing the hard work of researching where to save money on my Pilates workout allows me to afford to add in another form of exercise….  Elliptical Cardio workout!

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