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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sample Sale Guerrilla Shopping Tips

By Suzanne O'Connor

Like the Fall, Spring is a Sample / Warehouse Sale shopping paradise. But unlike store sale, these types of sales have both first quality and damaged product. All sales are final, There are often no try ons and there are no returns. You have to have a plan to succeed!
Try these Guerrilla Shopping tips:

Rule #1
Know the Marketplace
Before you shop, know the marketplace products and retail prices. This should be an ongoing process. Visit a major malls. check out upscale boutiques and home décor stores when you pass one. Know labels and manufacturers, quality of construction, price and fashion details. Learn about fabric and basic construction of quality garments and furnishings. This applies to home furnishings, outdoor gear and equipment, accessories, lighting, linens, shoes, jewelry etc.
Cruise the internet for information on trends, brands, pricing etc.

Rule #2
Understand Discounting
Understand my Buzz Words and how they may apply to what you are shopping for. Understanding why product is being discounted is important to understanding the value.

Now that you’re well informed. Get ready to shop!

Rule # 3
Dress Appropriately
Comfortable clothing and shoes are a must. Wear really comfortable shoes. Something you can stand in for long periods of time. Keep socks or stocking with you to try on shoes. Some warehouses & discounters have untidy, uneven floors and good footing is essential. Leave your “bling bling”, designer pumps,  high end handbag at home.

Rule # 3
Pack Light
Do not carry a big handbag you have to hold with your hands or carry on your shoulder. Carry a small backpack, cross body handbag or fanny pack. You want hands free shopping.
Take a thinner wallet or tuck your cards into the cell phone cover.

Rule # 4
Feed Yourself!
Eat something before you shop. Carrying a small snack, (crackers/nutrition bar) and some water in your bag or your car.
Tired, hungry shoppers don’t make good choices and usually flee before they snag a deal.

Rule # 5
Make a List
Make a list, know who your buying for or what you want to find.
Take a tape measure with you where ever you go. Know you and your family’s measurements. Sizes run differently from manufacturer to manufacturer. Returns are not available.
If you’re buying any home furnishings or décor items, have the measurements of your room space and doorway into that room. I also recommend carrying color swatches if you have them.

Rule # 6
Move Fast
If you see something you like, grab it. If it’s a larger item, ask for it to be held for you while you shop. You have no claims to anything that is not in your hand or basket at a sale. Thinking about it first, without grabbing it has caused many a fabulous find to disappear under my nose. You can always change your mind later.

Rule # 7
Buy Ahead
Keep an eye out for gifts for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Weddings, Birthdays even the Holidays. You can score great quality gifts at Warehouse Sales.

Rule #8
Shop Alone or Tag Team
Serious bargain shoppers, shop alone. You can shop faster and with more focus. But if you have to shop with someone else, Tag team it. Each of you shopping different sections, pulling items for both yourself and the other person.
Avoid taking children under 14. Many sales won’t even let kids in. Though wonderful, children are a distraction.

Rule # 9
Always thoroughly examine every single item you want to purchase before you pay for it. Samples, floor models and even overstock can be damaged. Many companies throw in irregulars and seconds into the mix. Always measure waist, bust, hips, inseam, thigh and arm circumference, especially if you can’t try on. Always think about the items usefulness. Do you love it? Does it fill a need? Will it fit into your wardrobe or your home? Do you have a way to transport it?

Rule # 10
Be Flexible
Even with a list, keep an open mind. Don’t limit yourself on styles or colors.
These sales are when real deals and opportunity meet.  Passing on an item means you’ve passed on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Look at everything twice.

Now , go sic ‘em!

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