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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Repairing & Refurbishing

By Suzanne O'Connor

The other day while pondering my chairs re-upholstery options, I wondered does anyone repair, recover or refurbish stuff anymore?

As I was cleaning out my closet this Summer, I noticed a 3rd of my shoes are not repairable. Either they are so poorly made or they are plastic.  Most will end up in the landfill.

What a waste. People use to repair everything, several times before they threw things out.

I inherited some upscale sheeting with lace & embroidery from the 1950’s some time ago. I noticed upon close inspection recently that my Grandmother had been re-sewn it in several places. Does anybody actually re-sew sheets anymore when they get pinholes or teeny tiny tears?

I also have this amazing salmon colored wool & beaded cardigan sweater from the 1950s.  Sadly, Moths got to it.  With more than 20 little holes, not only could I not find anyone who knew how to darn a sweater, but when I finally did, I was quoted $140. Much more than that old sweater is worth.

So many of these old skills for preserving and keeping items in good shape have been lost or are not cost effective anymore.

I took my daughters Ferragamo Spectactor shoes in for re-heeling, cleaning and polishing. The shoe repair guy said he couldn’t clean and polish them cause it would be too much work. He said he would have to charge me $25 to clean and $20 to polish, more than the shoes were worth now. I think he just rarely got asked to do that anymore. Most people throw out shoes with scuffs. When I got them back they were polished but not cleaned.

The point is, throwing stuff out is seriously wasteful. We simple buy too much cheap crap now. Cheap stuff doesn’t last and has to be replaced. A waste of our resources and our money.

But even if you take the time and money to buy better quality product, finding someone to help you maintain your product to increase it’s life has become increasingly difficult.

So, I’ve decided to learn how to darn a sweater.  May take me till Christmas. But I’ll get it done … Thank you Martha Stewart!

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