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Monday, June 11, 2018

Quality Dismay

By Suzanne O'Connor

Maybe it’s corporate America taking us for a ride. Frankly, I’m a little dismayed at seeing a real drop in quality on appliances and home furnishings.

When you spend a lot on large appliances and you can barely get 5 years out of them before they break, it should anger all of us.

I’ve seen my neighbors lose hundreds of dollars in food twice in 4 years when their 2, brand new LG and Samsung refrigerators both failed. At $2000 each, they should have lasted longer. The computer parts cost more than the fridge. So they are forced to buy new.

Between the junky plastic parts and the appliance electronics & computers failing, we are forced to spend more money than we should by replacing them more often.

You can’t buy parts after 10 years. We need to replace a shelving piece on our Whirlpool refrigerator and can’t, cause they don’t make it anymore. Now we’re looking on Craigslist and junkyards for the same model so we can get the parts. Until we find it, we’ve lost the use of a shelf. We will probably eventually have to buy another refrigerator, even though all we need is one small plastic part.

This is their business model. Making us buy new appliances more often. That hurts our bank accounts as well as the environment, and the companies who make these sub par appliances get rich.

I just researched a discount furniture store that looked great on the web. It had over 10, 5-star review on Yelp with reviewers citing the “value”. They carried great modern designs with clean lines, trending urban colors & textures.

Alas, on closer inspection I was dumb struck at the incredibly poor quality. The word “garbage” came in to mind. All looks and no substance. The wooden doors, (I think) were incredible light weight, ¼” thick and felt like foam. Plus they wouldn’t close flush with the frame. The drawer fronts were stapled to the bottoms and sides. And the sliders that looked like metal were actually plastic. At $499 they made a big deal on how affordable it was. Should have been priced at ZERO. If you don’t use it at all, it might last 2-3 years.

I have to wonder what happened to the lonely Maytag repair man from my childhood and the company that use to build quality.

I can’t afford to waist time or money. I just want something that looks nice, does it’s job and won’t break. Seems like a simple request.

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