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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Mothers Day Idea

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By Suzanne O'Connor

Mothers Day was always one of my favorite days. The family gathers, fun and food abound and gifts were usually given.

But my daughter is technically an adult now, going to college, working on her career while holding down a waitressing gig. Spending time with her has become incredible valuable to me because it has become so increasingly rare.

Of course as any restaurant server knows, you work on Mothers Day. So unless we all go to the restaurant she works at on Mothers Day, we wont see her.

When she asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day, I immediately knew what I wanted. An entire day spent with her… shopping, goofing off, eating, maybe going to a spa or swap meet. Basically hanging out together.

As parents, we work so hard at raising our kids and getting them ready for life, that when they actually launch, we wonder why we don’t see them so much. If we did our jobs right, our kids develop their own lives away from us.  And that’s the way it should be.

Thoughtful gifts are great, but time spent together is even better. So take some time for your mom. Go out for an epic meal or picnic. Take her to the spa or nail salon together. Find a museum or garden to stroll.  If you can, do some chores or errands with her. Conversations don’t have to be deep or life changing. Just enjoy the little things together.

Happily, my daughter loved the idea of a girls day out together. Trying to schedule a day into both our busy lives is the hard part. But well worth the effort.

Happy Mothers Day!

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