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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Love Your Bank?

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By Suzanne O'Connor

I love my bank…. Really. We banked with Union Bank for the past 20 years. They have seen us through financial ups and downs and through different business ventures, always ready to help, guide us and give advice when they could.

When I have a problem and I call them, I get a American Citizen here in the USA, not a Philippine or Indian representative. I don’t like talking money, credit or tech issues with someone overseas. Lot of fraud goes on overseas.

So with the new security breach at Home Depot, I called them and got connected to someone immediately, in the right department, already on top of the problem. They are monitoring all accounts and will probably see an issue before we do. In the past we have received timely alerts about our accounts, saving us from fraud.

Though we visually monitor our accounts online, we do all of our actual banking in person. We know enough about tech to know it isn’t nearly as secure as they’d like you to think. So when we go in to our local Union Bank Branch, we are greeted by name, they ask us how’s the “Bargains Biz” is doing and they even know my kids name.

When our daughter went from a child’s savings account to her first personal checking account, they walked her through the process, explaining every little thing she needed to know without being condescending. They talked to her about security, the benefits and detractions of tying her accounts together, how online banking works, and how to start building good credit.

Though we ended up going with a different mortgage company, we went to Union Bank first when we wanted a home loan. The information they gave us was key to us securing a good loan the following year. This bank is so well run, they didn’t take any bailout money and never offered those suspect loans that caused the financial collapse several years back.

They have helped us in key steps with our business, helped us with family financial issues and we are not pestered with other services unless we ask or they really think we need to look at something.

Though I know they are in the business of making money off my deposits and business loans, they don’t take unnecessary risks with their investments. I’m treated fairly and feel like they have my back.

The only problem with Union Bank is they are not nationwide… but they are growing. They are based here in California but are also located in Georgia, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

If you are looking for a new bank or to add a new bank service, I give them a try.

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