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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It’s the Little Expenses

By Suzanne O'Connor

Years ago, after hubby & I went through financial counseling, we learned that it is the little expenses that will destroy your finances. That morning coffee at Starbucks, those lunches out with the girls, buying bottled water, gym memberships, dinners out, movie night out etc. All those unnecessary expenditures that we love to make.

Not spending on the little things literally saved us thousands of dollars every year.

Case in point; I gave up Starbucks coffee 2 years ago, bought a French press and saved over $1000 in one year just in coffee.  Brown bagging or having friends over for lunch instead of eating out saved me $800 this last year. Doing movie night once a month at a friends home instead of going out to the movies saved us $360.  Putting in a tap water filtration system and not buying bottled water saved us $250 last year. But my biggest savings came from buying a home Pilates Machine instead of paying for Pilates classes or private coaching several times a week. After costs, I will save $3500 this year. Getting rid of just the little expenses saved us just over $5900. Money I’d rather save, or spend elsewhere.

Even though those smaller expenses really add up, Frugality doesn’t have to fun-less. Game nights are fun to have when everyone chips in on the food. Hiking & walking groups are great for getting out and seeing friends.  Book & hobby clubs are great for socializing. Citywide Scavenger Hunts with a group of friends is low cost fun.

So while we shop for great deals, we have to keep in mind the little daily expenses add up. I’m all about keeping those expenses in check.

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