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Monday, August 27, 2012

It’s Hot in Here!

By Suzanne O'Connor

Shopping warehouse’s, liquidator’s and discounters has it’s perks and it’s draw backs. As I cruised around a couple of San Gabriel Valley/ Inland Empire sources this week I was blown away with some of the incredible hot deals I found.

I went ballistic when I saw new Splendid Ella Moss at $4.99-$19.99, a new Linq skirt for $3.99 and Guess collection dress pants for $19.99. These were all found in a warehouse outlet with NO AIR CONDITIONING. The fans were running, but by the end of the hour it took me to research and try on a few things, I was glowing with a wet streak down my back. Thank fully I always keep a bottle of water in my handbag.

Was it worth the heat…. Yeah and I wasn’t the only one there. A couple that was also shopping there scored a new pair of Ferragamo pumps for $19… really. But they passed on the new leather Maxx handbag at $69. Another gal just grabbed armloads of items and didn’t try them on. She was in and out in 20 minutes.

On the flip side was an outlet store I visited that’s over zealous, ancient air conditioning system kept everything a very chilly 65 degrees in one section of the store, while a hot 80 degrees in another section. The cold section was where the dressing rooms were.

This can the nature of bargain shopping… lack of comfort. State of the art air conditioning / heating systems are seriously expensive and smaller business often cannot absorb the cost. A little preparation on our part… a bottle of water and light jacket can ease the discomfort and allow brave, smart shoppers to nab deals out of their comfort zone.

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