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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I’m an Organizing Fool

By Suzanne O'Connor

No doubt I made a fool out of myself at the Container Store yesterday. When I found a solution to an odd cabinet problem found in our 1926 home… I got stupid giddy. The dishwasher install took out my best kitchen drawers and a cabinet. Not one deep drawer left in the kitchen. No place for the dough roller, hand mixer or dish towels.

Plus an odd, unfinished space next to the refrigerator was nearly unusable at 10” wide by 39 high and 40” deep with the access point at only 10 inches wide through an adjacent cabinet. I didn’t want to ask my contractor to build shelves and the space looked useless for drawers. Trips to Target, Big Lots, Marshall’s, and the like yielded nothing to help.

A coupon from the Container Store showed up in my in box and there was one conveniently close in Pasadena. I figured what the heck, I’d go give them a try.

 I really am control freak and the Container Store plays to the inner organizer controller in me. Though the prices didn’t please, I was in heaven. 

Their line of Elfa was on sale at 30% off.  Totally cool metal, mesh drawers, shelves and more in a huge variety of sizes and shapes for storage in closets, cabinets or free standing. I pulled out the trusty tape measure and checked. They had a 4-drawer tower that would fit in my awkward space and give me the drawer space I desperately needed… on sale!

Here’s where I got stupid giddy. I started trying to flag store clerks down, jumping up and down… yeah really. Then in my excitement, the speed of my voice increased as I asked the clerk questions. They accommodated every request. I could pick drawer size and configure it in many different ways. They’d even put it together for me… unlike Ikea.

While they were assembling my prize I ran (literally) around the store snapping up expensive trash cans, cabinet organizers and more…. I had the 20% off coupon to rationalize my excessive expenditure. 

I had so much loot at the end, the bags broke at check out (another embarrassing moment) and they had to help me to my car. The entire time I am excitedly happy and a bit too chatty. Need to work on that.

Though it wasn’t the best bargain I ever got, finding the right product to solve the kitchen issue was worth it. I will be back for more.

The Elfa Sale goes on thru 2/7. If you’ve got organization problems this product may be a great fit. It was for me.

BTW… the online/ by phone coupon code for 20% off is WR5009… thru 2/7. Can’t combine the coupon with already marked down product.

Happy Organizing!

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