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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

I Call BS

By Suzanne O'Connor

We have a smaller home with Central Air and Heat. With about 1800 total living space we are careful about our energy consumption. After all, Energy is expensive and our energy footprint matters.

So I take serious exception to the quarterly notifications I get from my local Gas, Water & Power companies telling me I consume more energy, water and gas than 70% of my neighbors. I say Bullshit….  Hog wash! I don’t believe it anymore. It’s a scare tactic.

Our modest home is the literally the smallest in the block. Our main living area is 1200 sq feet. Of that we gas heat 800 sq feet. The living room is closed off unless we have company.  We have double pane windows, good wall and ceiling insulation as well as lined curtains. The heater is set at 68 degrees in the Winter, 80 degrees in the Summer. Unless the temps are brutal, our central air is turned off from 10pm-7am daily.

A propane heater heats our garage office and my office has an electric heater that is only on when needed. Our electric bill is low enough that it still doesn’t pay to put in solar.

Our front and back gardens are drought tolerant. We water once a week in the dry months and rarely during the Winter. We have a water regulator on our showerheads to turn water flow down when shaving or soaping up. Plus power & lights are generally turned off when we are not in a room.

So I say the GWP and Gas companies are full of bullshit, propaganda and hogwash just to guilt trip us into conserving and cutting back even more.  I hate being manipulated.  I’m so done with that.

I rather get a Thank You note for a job well done. 

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