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Friday, January 08, 2010

How Charter Cable Messed Up and T- Mobil Saved the Day

By Kevin O'Connor

Setting up a new home isn’t easy. Especially if you run a business out of your home.
Our internet server in both locations is Charter Cable.  We ordered new service at the new house to start on the 11th and keep our old connection open through the end of January at our old house. Essentially two accounts open at the same time for a two week period. We needed the overlay so we can set up our new network and trouble shoot before we move the office over to the new location.

This simple order was too much for the puny, imbecilic brains at Charter cable to handle. They proceeded to cut cable at our old address on 1/6, 3 weeks before the order and also cancel the install order at our new address.  The initial order was written correctly but some moron decided to cut the cable lines anyhow. We are currently paid ahead on our bill and have been customers for over 10 years.

When we called in the problem it took Charter 2-full days, 6 phone calls and 8 different people for anyone to understand what the problem was. They wouldn’t or couldn’t deviate from standard procedure to send a guy out, climb a pole to re-activate our account. They had to issue a new order for install. How stupid to you have to be to work at Charter Cable? We have everything already, they just needed to re-connect the line that they cut.  This problem was their fault, not ours.

After 2-days without internet or cable service (Hello! We run an internet business here!) we told them we would switch servers if they didn’t get someone out immediately. ATT was pining to get us to sign up for their bundle services. For Charter Cable, “immediately” translates into 24 hours, so as I write this we still do not have cable or internet service.

The good news we had T- Mobil cell service with two Blackberry phones that can act as modems. Though limited, we were able to check email, send Bargain Alerts and Newsletters and do minimal web postings.

We had been considering switching cell service companies, but the capability and the low cost of internet access with T- Mobile saved the day from full disaster. We’re sticking with them.

As for Charter Cable, they suck and we’re stuck…. for now. We are researching another way to do this. Bad service should never be rewarded.

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