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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Home Maintenance

By Suzanne O'Connor

With Summer virtually here, Kevin and I are hunkering down for some “Summer Fix It” projects around the house. Some are easy…  like window & bathroom painting that we will do ourselves.  But some require a Handy Man or Contractor who have much more expertise that we do.

Comparative shopping is easy when you’re dealing with shoes or cars or fruit. But when the item is a home repair or remolding project. It can be difficult at best. Price isn’t always the top priority. Every contractor, roofer, painter or handy man we have talked to about any project has a different opinion, a different approach and different insight.

Yes, you must have at least several quotes on a project. Even for those smaller jobs that only require a Handy Man.  First, to get a price range and second to get a handle of the scope of the project.

Our most recent home repair issue is our roof. It’s a combination roof of Spanish Tile and a Flat Roof. It’s gone 5 years without any inspection and probably needs some attention before the next rainy season. Since we have no leaks, we were not sure if it just needed a bit of maintenance or if the flat part of our roof needed replacement.

We called more that several roofing companies.

One gave us a quote over the phone using Google to look at our roof…. Really! No.

Another one couldn’t even give us an inspection till late August…..Seriously?  No.

Another came in at $13,300 for a new flat roof (1200 sq ft.). But the roof inspector not only didn’t have a ladder on him, but was unable to give us a formal quote on letterhead. What the…! So he is also off our list.

One never, ever returned our calls. So glad they are that busy… not.

Another guy spent 5 minutes up on the roof and said it was in pretty good shape. But he could “Swab” it with a reflecting, sealing material over what we already have at $3200 and could give us a 5-year warranty. OK. That’s reasonable. We’ll hang on to that quote.

And yet another said (after spending 20 minutes on the roof) that our entire roof was in pretty good shape. He went into detail and said it just need a bit of maintenance. He came in with a quote of just $300 for maintenance.  But he also said we should inspect the flat part of our roof every year and consider replacing it in about 3 years. That would run $11000-$13000.  Good quote… good explanation…. Good timeline, so we can plan ahead.

But we are gonna try to get one more quote as well as talk to a few people who have more experience that we do before we choose.

Getting all the information we can about roofing is paramount to choosing the best path to take. We are doing our home work!

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