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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Holiday Shipping Tips

By Suzanne O'Connor

This time of year, those of us with out of town friends and family are scrambling to find gifts online or in-store, in time to mail for Christmas delivery.

But what if you handmade the gift or found something special at a sample or warehouse sale? You’ll have to package and mail it yourself.

So here are some tips to insure it arrives intact and on time.

1. Pick the right box to ship your gifts in. Use a new, sturdy box that is a few inches bigger all around to insure plenty of room for cushioning.

2. Check the box for weight specifications. Never exceed the maximum weight recommended.

3. Use at least 1 inch of cushioning around the item—top, bottom and all four sides—to fill in any air spaces. There should be very little movement when you shake the box.

4. Use better quality cushioning materials, (like bubble wrap) around each item.  Newspaper often collapses during shipping, so use other quality cushioning in addition to.

5. Wrap each item individually and anything with sharp points or corners should have a minimum of 2” cushioning

6. Secure


box seams with shipping tape… not masking, duct, scotch, or painters tape.

7. If you’re shipping a clothing or fabric item, wrap it in plain paper and then put it in a large plastic bag. This insures it wont get wet while being shipped or dropped off in snow or rain.

8. Address your package clearly with both the recipients and senders name and address.
      Include a shipping label / paper inside the box too. Use clear shipping tape over the recipients address and the return address so if it gets wet, the ink won’t smudge.

Official send dates are as follows. But I always like to mail at least 5 days sooner to allow for bad weather and closed airports.

Budget :    USPO First Class- 12/20
            FedEx Express Saver-12/19

Moderate:  USPO Priority- 12/21
            UPS 2nd Day Air—12/21
            FedEx, 2 day-12/21

Last Minute:  USPO-Priority Express-12/23
              UPS Next Day Air- 12/23
              FedEx Same Day -12/25 (Yes you read it right. But I wouldn’t count on this one working)
Extend some Holiday Cheer to your postal peeps. They work their butts off this time of year.

Happy Bargain Shopping!

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