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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Getting the Pricing Wrong

By Suzanne O'Connor

As avid Thrift store and Estate Sale junkies we’ve seen everything from high-end home furnishings to serious junk heaps.

Before we headed out to a couple of Estate Sales on Saturday, we decided to stop into Habitat for Humanity Restore in Atwater/ Glendale area. We are on the look out for a faucet for our utility sink in our garage.

We’ve been in this location dozens of times, normally finding great deals on used lighting, plumbing, hardware, paint, electronics, furniture amongst the vast amount of donated goods.

This trip proved that even a great philanthropic charity like Habitat Restores can get it wrong.

Immediately upon entering is a massive, extremely used, rusted and beat up Wolf professional restaurant range. They were asking $2200… What? We took a closer look at the piece. It was a serious mess, lots of rust, paint eroded and grates corroded.  I wouldn’t pay $300 for it. 

Then we spotted 2, clean metal patio chairs at $75 each. They shouldn’t have been priced higher than $30 each. A stained, fabric lamp shade was $25.  It should have been $3-$5.
Rolls of upholstery fabric that had obviously been sitting in someone’s garage were $15-$35. These should have been $5-$25.  A king sized, wood sleigh bed was $100. With all the 100’s of scratches it had it should have been priced at $70-$75.

You can’t ask higher prices when the restoration work on a piece is extensive. It just proves, that just because it’s a charity,  doesn’t mean you’re always getting a deal.

We noticed some items were still fairly priced. A nice hand painted table lamp with a clean shade was $25. A sectional sofa was $200. Used Toilets were $30-$40.

I had to wonder who did the pricing? Why the recent vast discrepancies? This proved anyone can make mistakes. Hope they sharpen up and don’t loose business because of it.

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