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Monday, March 14, 2011

Don’t Shop on 3 Hours Sleep!

By Suzanne O'Connor

Nothing like going to a St Patricks Day Party, drinking and staying later than I should have and then loosing an hour sleep to go into NBC 4 early Sunday morning. Got through it okay with just 3 hours sleep. I loaded up on vitamins and coffee so I felt pretty good… for awhile.

When I got back I took the kid shopping for jeggings. I tried to talk her into J Brand outlet… no no, they won’t have what she wants. Even though I knew they would have what she wanted, the lack of sleep took away my resolve and I gave in and took her to Pac Sun at the Glendale Galleria…. Good God !!! I was in danger of paying full retail!

Pac Sun is a nice surf oriented shop with cute clothing and accessories. Of course the jeggings that we found here looked fabulous on her.  The price… $39, which is not a bad price, but is retail. I said she could have only one. Then the sales chick came up and said the second pair is half off! Yeah, we got 2 and saved a 25%. I couldn’t say no, but I thankfully, didn’t pay retail.

Now blurry eyed and languishing in exhaustion, we stopped into JC Penny and we found her a neat little spring dress at 40% off and a top and cardigan also at 30%-40% off.  They have cute stuff for teens, nothing high quality, but you’d get a season or two out if it.  Again I couldn’t say no… but didn’t pay retail.

We were on a shopping roll!

Finally on our way out I passed the Limited window… A cute little Irish green top called out to me. It was so cute, I made the sales clerk take the extra small off the mannequin to try on. It fit beautifully. I was only planning on getting the one. Then I found out that these sweet tops were 30% off … so I bought 2.

At check out I let myself get suckered into applying for a Limited charge card… This sales ploy was I’d get an additional 15% off my purchase, if I did. Sucker punched and again I gave in.

Sleep deprivation took away any guilt from buying extra goodies I didn’t need.

When I finally got home I handed over the temporary Limited card to hubby and told him what I did. Since he picks up the mail everyday he assured me he’d pay the bill when it comes in as well as tear up the card. 

Thankfully someone was thinking clearly.

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