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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


By Suzanne O'Connor

Maybe I shouldn’t be so hopeful. Or maybe it’s this seriously wacko election… or maybe I just thought the current laws in place would protect consumers. But I recently learned, for a fact that many well known Sample Sales sites ask their vendors to over inflate the retail price so the discounts look steeper. What a disappointment!

This deceptive practice is often seen in 3rd party Public Liquidation Sales with many states having laws against inflated retail pricing.

I had my suspicions that over inflating was going on. But hadn’t come across any factual information that definitively made it clear that it was happening throughout the Flash Sale industry.

Apparently it’s not done as often with well know brands. I guess cause it’s easier to fact check. But more on new, unknown, up and coming manufacturers and designers trying to gain a bigger audience and get some name recognition.

Once again, this is another example of how often we are lied to and manipulated.
I hate being lied to. Most of us do. It should make all of us angry and suspicious.

First, over inflating retail pricing is a lie.
Second, it hurts consumers, small businesses and start ups who are trying to compete.
Lastly, it creates a false retail marketplace.

According to my designer source, all the major Sample/ Flash Sale sites have done this at one time or another and a large number of them do it regularly.

So instead of across the board savings of 30%-80%, I’m guessing the prices are more like market retail to maybe 40% off…. plus shipping.

Most Flash Sale sites take a large percentage of the sale and the designers and suppliers usually end up covering their costs to manufacture and distribute through them.

Because of the fact that “retail” is just an asking price and real market pricing averages about 20% less makes these so called “deals” even less attractive.

As always, it’s buyer beware.

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