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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Costco Fun

By Suzanne O'Connor

We shop Costco like we’d shop Ralphs or Vons. Stopping in every week or so to pick up specific items. We take a list and usually get in and out as quick as possible.

One of the more fun aspects of shopping at Costco is tasting all the samples being given out. We don’t normally taste ALL of them, just a few.  But last week we made the mistake of shopping in the late afternoon while we were both hungry.

Once those snacking floodgates opened we tasted everything in sight. We methodically went up every aisle, gleefully sampling each offering. We tried cookies, nuts, lemonade, bread, flavored sausages, Hummus, cheeses galore, crackers, salsa and chips and even Noodles Romanoff. Most items were tasty and since we were hungry, we often went back for more while reading the nutrient labels on the packaging. Ya, I know…. Very tacky on our part.  Before long we had overstuffed ourselves with quite a few food items that shouldn’t be in the same vicinity of each other.

One item we tried, loved and actually bought was Dave’s Killer Bread. This organic bread line has 4 different types.  We bought the 21 whole grains and seeds. It’s fantastic toasted or straight with or without butter, jam or anything else you can concoct. This tasty, hearty bread is nutritious and is simply killer…. Like the name says!

We also picked up a whole Rotisserie chicken ($5… such a deal!), some fresh produce, frozen vegetables, green leafy salad mix and batteries.

By the time we were headed home, neither one of us wanted to eat anything…. ever again! Both of us had stomachaches from all the sampling. Needless to say the Rotisserie chicken had to wait till another day. Lesson learned.

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