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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Coping With The Heat

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By Suzanne O'Connor

It’s hard to stay focused and alert when the temps are so hot. Our offices do have wall air conditioning. Enough to keep you in the cool, but only if it’s 100 degrees or less. So when we hit 106 at 2pm on Monday, the office only cooled to 90 degrees. Too hot to work in.

So I finally succumbed and took a mid afternoon nap.  I tried to stay focused and work, but no amount of water, caffeine, or B vitamins seemed to help. I just had to sleep. So I slept for about an hour in the house with the central air set at 83. Call it a “hot bargain siesta”!

I had more work to do, sales to posts and phone calls to make, so I pulled myself out of my mid day nap walked outside turned on the hose and soaked myself head to toe fully clothed. I used to do that as a kid when it got hot and it did the trick. Though I looked like a wet mop with 2 black eyes from the mascara I had put on in the morning.

I had to go thru that ritual about every hour til 7pm and again on Tuesday afternoon, but this time I wore an old thread bare tee shirt and some old shorts… and no make up.

Today I stayed cool and alert ....and got some work done.

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