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Monday, April 23, 2012

Buying Green

By Kevin O'Connor

I’d like to put forth an idea….. . It’s actually “GREEN” to buy upscale furniture.
Instead of buying cheap, disposable furniture, buy the best quality you can. Instead of throwing away cheap furniture every few years into land fills, buy fewer pieces of better quality that you can keep long term.

Way back in the day, when you were starting out, you didn’t have to furnish a small apartment because so many of them came with basic furnishings.  You saved up for furniture because furniture cost a lot. These good pieces that you accumulated over the years then were handed down to family members later on in life when you were down sizing. They didn’t end up in land fills. Trees were spared and so was the environment because we didn’t dispose of stuff so quickly.

Good furniture still costs, but you can get a deal on it at manufacturer warehouse and showroom sales. You just have to save ahead of time and be ready to pounce when they come along. And this is the season for them.

If you still feel you can’t afford the “good” stuff. Try doing what I did….haunt flea markets, thrifts and antique malls for quality used pieces that work with your sense of design.  You can paint or refinish them to update the look.  Chances are, they will be a higher quality pieces than you could buy new for the same price.

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