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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Benefits of Complaining Nicely

By Suzanne O'Connor

With El Nino on the way, we recently had some roofing maintenance work done on our home by J and J Roofing Company. We were being pro-active. We had not had any leaks and wanted to make sure we wouldn’t. A well-trained, seasoned professional came out, gave an estimate for repairs and maintenance. Since we had worked with this company and this guy before, we were confident with his recommendation of the work that needed to be done.

Two weeks later, two guys show up to do the work. We advised them of what the initial contractor at their company had recommended along with the written description of the scope of the work.  They said they had been briefed by the company. We figured at least 3-4 hours of work. But they finished in 45 minutes. A $325 bill.

After the first rain we had a leak. We called the roofing company to fix the leak. Another guy came out, listened intently to our dissatisfaction and made some repairs. No charge.

Two weeks later, during the next rain, it leaked again in the same place, this time ruining our bathroom ceiling.

Not wanting to have more damage to our home, Hubby and I took a turn at fixing the roof. We got busy with a bucket of tar, spreading it around the roof within 3 feet of the leak in each direction.

It was a heck of a messy job. But while doing it, we also noticed obvious repairs that should have been made that hadn’t been. We tarred those places too.  Our leak was fixed, at least temporarily so no more damage would occur to our home.  Now it was time to get on the contractor case.

I sent in a written, detailed complaint about the issue. Without being nasty or accusing them. I stated I was seriously unhappy and they should contact me immediately.

Bam! Within a week they were out to reassess the roof.

Turns out the contractor that did the initial assessment had passed away right after visiting our home. They only had his notes to go by. Though his passing is very sad, I still needed my roof fixed… and fixed right.

So they did. They completely re-swabbed and resealed the entire flat part of our roof (half the house) with a reflective coating. They even repaired and strengthened the tiniest details including gutter attachments. They also swabbed and resealed our garage roof. They went over board to insure it was done right and we would be happy. No charge. It should have cost $1300 or more.

I do appreciate a company standing behind their work. J and J Roofing did that and more.

We still have to fix our bathroom ceiling, but since they went way overboard, we’ll take care of it ourselves in the Spring after the rains.

We are all human and errors will occur. Writing a well-worded, fair complaint got me more than I expected.  Sweet! That’s how a reputable company should work. J and J is a reputable roofing company.

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