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Monday, August 06, 2012

Bargain Opportunist

By Suzanne O'Connor

Part of being a good bargain hunter is being willing to change plans and go out of your way to pounce on the surprise deal.

Web dude and I had decided to talk a long walk on a balmy Saturday morning. Walking a couple of miles up into the Glendale hills, we came across a garage sale. Loaded with your typical garage sale junk we were about to pass it by when web dude spotted a couple of cactus in pots or sale.

Turns out, there was a very large side yard with thousands of plants for sale. This home belonged to a retiree who had a tremendous green thumb, but was getting old enough where caring for all the potted plants was more than she could do and she was selling them at $1-$6. Big cactus that would sell for $20-$45 each, were being sold at $4-$6. It was a feeding frenzy!

We couldn’t pass this up and had to pounce, but were unprepared to even buy one item.  We were walking… had no cash on us and no way to transport the cactus home.

After explaining our situation to them, they said they would hold some for us. We picked 5 plants for a whopping total of $20 and told them we’d be back in a little over an hour to pay for and pick them up.

We literally ran home, got the cash, jumped in the car and went back…. And saved at least 60% on some better sized cactus and succulents. One succulent had a lot of off shoots…. should be enough to almost finish off the garden.

It would have been easier to just walk away and not go through the hassle to jump on the deal. But the savings were worth the effort.

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