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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Back to School Prep

By Suzanne O'Connor

Getting the kids heads focused on going back to school is always a challenge.

During the Summer, all of us would avoid talking about going back to school and would instead concentrate on Summer fun, the last lazy days of Summer with family Beach trips and BBQ’s.

Secretly, I was quietly on top of it by Mid July. I’d check her old backpacks, and school supplies to see what she needed. We also scheduled physicals and eye exams before she went back to school. Every year, her needs were different. Some years she needed everything, other years not so much.

Then when Mid August came around every year, I would help my daughter buy basic school supplies, get new shoes and a few other necessary clothing items she needed for the right start to the school year. We’d clean out closets and drawers and put together a couple of cool outfits, avoiding any major purchases until she saw what the other girls were wearing. Basically we’d take the week right before school started to get her head back in the game.

Our biggest school preparation was right before she started High School. I spent a month hunting for the perfect mid century “Tanker” desk that could handle a computer as well as books, folders and her notebooks strewn everywhere. I searched online scanning Craigs List and visiting used office furniture warehouses. I wanted something that would see her through High School, into College and beyond. I found it for $150 through a private party. She still has this vintage 1970’s tanker desk and uses it daily not just for her college class work, but for literally everything.

While I was on the tanker desk hunt, Hubby went in and specifically wired her room for technology.  What was a chore! He installed cable lines, ether net, additional outlets and lighting. We also upgrade our Wifi networks and upped our in house internet speed to handle more use. We had a desktop computer built for her by our computer tech guy. Hubby taught her about internet security protocols and set up computer security and passwords. Being net savvy is paramount for all teens.

See up till then we didn’t allow the internet, cable, nor any TV in her bedroom. She did all her studying and homework on the dining table on our extra laptop.  If she was up late doing homework, we were too.

Doing Back to School prep every year became standard fare for us. It allowed for an easier back to school experience for her, which for us, kept the back to school stress to a minimum.

Now you can rejoice, your kids are back in school!

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