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Monday, July 30, 2018

A Sugarless, Carb-less Diet

Filed Under: Health & Beauty

By Suzanne O'Connor

Since 2005 I’ve had an ongoing cough brought on by a Post Nasal drip that stayed on after a bad Flu season. I’ve been to 4 different ENT and 4 Allergists. Had skin Allergy testing, had skin Food allergy testing. Had CT scans, tried Acupuncture, herbs, flushed my sinuses, had Sinus Turbinate surgery, and have tried EVERY over the counter and prescription drug on the market. Nothing really worked.  I was diagnosed with Vasomotor Rhinitis with a slight deviated septum. Which means they don’t know why I have a post nasal drip.

Realizing that I cant keep taking meds that don’t work and I’d rather avoid another surgery, I started talking to people and reading all I could about health and sinus issues. Food kept coming up, specifically sugar and dairy.

Sugar causes all sorts of problems. It feeds Yeast and Mold. Causes insulin surges and weight gain, is bad for you skin & teeth. After researching, I realized that I had a sugar problem.

Sugar and Carbohydrates are everywhere and prevalent in processed foods. I was looking at giving up all my favorite things like pasta, bread, desserts, chocolate as well as yogurt, cheeses, butter and wine. This did not appeal to me at all. But neither does coughing incessantly.

The Diet started 2 weeks ago. No sugar, no dairy, no grains, no fruit, no alcohol.

First 4 days I was really miserable. HUNGRY and tired. I was eating a lot of food including chicken, beef, pork, lots & lots of veggies.  But I didn’t have my normal bursts of energy. Had to take 2 naps every day. Sat down a lot too. My exercise works outs were eliminated from lack of energy.

Then things started to get better. I added in anti inflammatory supplements and digestive enzymes.

7 days in, I had lost 4 pounds, and was sleeping much much better. But I’m only seeing a small decrease in my post nasal drip.

10 days in, 5 lbs lost. Carefully watching the weight loss now. Added berries back into my diet. My energy is now much better. Brain is clearer. Did a 45-minute workout and had energy to spare. Still only seeing a small decrease in my post nasal drip. May have to cut out the berries again.

2 weeks in, my weight has stabilized. My sinus drip is less, but still present. I’m still fantasizing about Sourdough toast and butter. But outside of that I’m not craving anything. The plan is to do this for a month and reevaluate. Then tweek it and go again for another couple months.

The hardest part of this diet is taking the time to prepare every meal. There is no real grab and go. Breakfast for me is particularly hard. Bread in some form was my breakfast staple. Now I have to eat other things.

My Primary Physician who is Holistic in her approach wants me to get some additional blood tests for food sensitivities, mold and possible leaky gut. Her input will be necessary for my success in beating my Vasomotor Rhinitis /Post nasal drip.

The worse thing that this diet could do is make me healthier. I’m down for that.

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