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Monday, July 10, 2017

A New Home Project

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By Suzanne O'Connor

When the heat kicks in, we try not to run the central air at night. On most hot days in our 1927 Mediterranean home we shut off the air at 7 ish and open all the windows. Old home are built for air flow since Air Conditioning wasn’t around back then.

Our bedrooms have newer sash windows now instead of the original French door windows so we can’t get the original airflow the house was suppose to have. Ceiling fans were installed to increase air movement.

However, wide open windows at night don’t give you much privacy. One bedroom has curtains, the other room has blinds. We’ve learned to how to use our blinds to have air flow and privacy at the same time. But with curtains, it’s impossible to have privacy and air flow.

Then one of our blinds cords broke making it useless. Time to purchase a set of blinds. A trip to Lowes found that they were having a 20% discount on custom orders and they were offering 0% financing on $300 or more for 12 months.

Since it costs us $200 every few years to clean those curtains, we decided to do all five of the bedroom windows with new custom Levelor blinds that I can clean instead of paying someone to clean the curtains. We paid for the new blinds with the special 0% financing on a new Lowes Credit card. A good deal, as long as we pay it off within 12 months.

After putting the order in we wandered by the Kitchen Faucet aisle. We’ve been wanting a new kitchen faucet for well over a year now. Our old one had internal and external hard water damage, which made it not only ugly, but difficult to work.

After much debate, we decided to get a new kitchen faucet as well.  A sleek, brushed nickel, Delta faucet with a pull down hose.  Hubby spent all day Sunday putting the new faucet in.

The new custom blinds will arrive in 2 weeks. Since our old curtains, will fit other windows in the front of the house, they’ll be taken down, cleaned one more time and then stored for back up.

Wouldn’t ya know it, one window blind cord breaking caused two new projects to be taken on. That’s how it goes.

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