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Monday, July 03, 2017

A Home Depot Problem

By Suzanne O'Connor

Lately my hubby seems to be regularly running up to Home Depot to get hardware, parts, and home improvement items. Especially since we’ve been finishing up our bathroom project. He has bought all sorts of little things we didn’t need or use and had to return them.

With Grandma coming in to visit to on the Fourth, he wanted to add a safety handrail to our shower/ bath using his store credit. Of course I wanted something that looked nice, not like it belonged in a hospital. I picked out the most expensive rail… cause that’s what I do.

Thankfully he had the foresight to open the package and look for all the parts.  They were not all there. He opened a second and third package and those were missing necessary parts too. Took awhile before we found one that had all the correct parts.

We are both savvy enough to know to do this at liquidation warehouses, outlets and discount stores that resell customer returns. But I hadn’t really considered it being a problem at a regular retail store.  Apparently we all now have to be savvier at regular retail stores checking everything to make sure it’s all there.

After speaking with a rep from Home Depot, the problem apparently has become widespread where people go in buy something and return it without all the parts. Or, even worse, people returning items after having used them. Then he added that some people just go in, open up the packaging, take parts and don’t pay for them…. AKA, stealing.

Home Depots position is it’s personnel are often too busy to thoroughly examine every single customer return. Seriously??? So we, the honest, retail paying customers have to step up to the plate to make sure we don’t get ripped off and examine everything we buy from Home Depot to make sure all the parts are there. Would we even know what all the necessary parts were?

I know this problem rears its ugly head in other retail areas like apparel and accessories. But I have a problem with the management and staff of a major home improvement retail store thinking its OK to pass the problem on to the public. Anyone else have a problem with this attitude?

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