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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A Few Days Away

By Suzanne O'Connor

Summer speed by so quickly that we were almost left without any breathing room. A hasty getaway was arranged at the last minute and we went off on basically a road trip up to the Central Coast.

We didn’t have a real itinerary, but wanted to land in Paso Robles for at least for two days of wine tasting. I managed to secure a great deal on some Air BnB lodging for two nights, Sunday & Monday. But since we wanted to leave immediately, finding lodging Saturday night proved to be a problem.

But having done a few road trips we figured we’d find something, even if it was a bit funky, that was affordable. Adventurous we are… but sometimes our adventures bite.

We drove up Saturday, stopping in Santa Paula, Ventura and Atascadero for refreshments, California history exploration and landscape views as well as some antique shopping.

I started checking Motel 6’s in the area at about 4pm. All were sold out. As we headed closer to Santa Maria, I found one Motel 6 with the lowest price of $179…. Yep that was the lowest available.  After checking Best Westerns, Quality Inns and a few smaller mom and pops motels that were all completely sold out, I knew we were about to be taken to the cleaners for a nights stay. They had us.

Generally I have no problem with pricing going up on holidays. That’s business. But $179 + tax came out to $200 a night for a Motel 6 that had been $59 a night. I was just a bit irritated.

I got even more irritated when there was no shampoo in the shower or facial tissue in the bathroom. Of course, I expected the lousy pillows, rough towels and bedding. But what really did it for me, was the lack of a pastry in the lobby in the morning. That one little detail reeked of cheapness. With over 200 rooms at this location they made $40,000 that one night… and they couldn’t spend a few hundred for a pastry spread? People!!! Have some respect for your customers?

Let’s add to that the lack of service at the counter. Nobody was there in the morning when we had to leave. After 30 minutes, we just dropped the key on the counter and hoped for the best. Though we got taken, I wasn’t going to let this one stop ruin my weekend.

Suffice it to say we toured the Central Coast area, tasted a ton of amazing wines, ate lovely meals, rested and enjoyed the rest of our 4 -day getaway.

The Air BnB stay was only $95 a night booked at the last minute. It offered nice towels, a full private bath, shampoo & conditioner, body wash, coffee and one of the most comfortable beds we have ever slept on. There was a small herd of deer in the front yard in the evenings, kitties to greet you in the mornings and an amazing nights rest.

Ya, we’re done with Motel 6.

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